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Backing Up Your Database

As Zen Cart owners it's our responsibilty to get frequent backups of our website. There are a number of ways to get full or partial backups. This tutorial shows one way to get a database backup and is based on a Hostgator cpanel. If you have a different control panel you may still be able to find similar access in yours.

Log into your cpanel and find the 'Files' group. Click the 'backups' link.

On the next screen choose the database you want to download and save to your computer.

A pop-up box will open asking how you want to handle the file. Tick the bullet to save file. Click 'ok'

Navigate to the folder you want to save your database backup file to. Click 'save' and you are done.

Backing up your database is easy to do. It's best to have backups on your pc rather than just relying on backups your webhost has. Keep in mind that if you need to restore your database, the database backup will bring your store database back the point in which the backup was taken, so if you have listed new products or made other changes since that last backup, those new products or changes will not be included in the backup. That includes customer information and newly installed modules which use a database patch as part of their installation. It's a good idea to get frequent backups.

Having a database backup tool within your zen cart admin is really handy and makes it so convenient you will be more likely to backup your database on a regular basis.

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