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Create A Free Dial-Up Connection

For those who are interested, there are free internet connection opportunities available. Even if you already have a cable connection, a backup dial-up connection comes in handy when your cable goes down for a period of time.

There is no special software to install like most ISP's require. One benefit to this is no cumbersome program hogging space and memory resources to run.

Here is a link with a list of some free ISP's (This link does have a pop-up.)

When you check out a free access site look for their list of access numbers (and their terms of use). You will need to choose a telephone number to make your connection. Be sure to choose a number that will not be a toll call for you to dial. If you are unsure whether a number is toll free or not it's best to check with your telephone company.

When you find a free ISP that serves your area you will need to create an account with them. This account will provide you with your user name and password in order to log-in and browse the internet.

Write down your username, password and access number as you will need these when you create your connection from your pc.

A check list of what you need:

  • Land-line

  • Dial-up modem installed in your computer. (Most computers come with one installed already. If your computer has previously accessed the internet via dial-up then you should be good to go. This tutorial is assuming that is the case.)

  • Internet browser such as Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.

  • Internet Account with your chosen free internet service provider

  • Dial-up connection

For this tutorial, my experience is based on using WindowsXP and the free ISP provider

Considering all the different windows installation possibilities, what you see on your screen may vary somewhat from mine or if you are using a different version of windows you will look for similar to my instructions below. Ultimately you will be using the "New Connection Wizard".

The object of this tutorial is to show you the steps for creating a manual dial-up connection.

1. - Click "start". Find and hover your mouse over "Connect To". From the dropdown list, click on "Show All Connections". **If you don't see the "connect to" icon in your start menu, see below for directions to activate it.

2. -In the new window, open up/double click on "New Connection Wizard"

** see bottom of page for alternate way to get to "New Connection Wizard"

3. - Click the "next" button.

4. - Tick the bullet for "Connect To The Internet". Click "next".

5. - Tick the bullet for "Set up my connection manually". Click "next".

6. - Tick the bullet for "Connect using a dial-up modem". Click "next".

7. - Type in the name of your ISP. This will give your icon a recognizable name. Click "next".

8. - Type in the connection phone number you chose when you signed up for your account. Click "next".

9. - This is where you will enter the account name and password that you wrote down after signing up for an account with your free ISP. Click "next".

10. - You can tick off the box to "add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" so you can easily find it. Click "finish".

11. - After clicking "finish" you will see this box. Click "dial" to connect to the internet.

12. - If all went well ...... Once you are connected to the internet you should see two little blinking green computer icons to the right side in your taskbar. Two blinking green means there's an established connection. Red in the icon means there is no connection.

13. - Now open your browser to surf the internet.

**If you don't see the "connect to" icon in your start menu, here's how to activate it.

1. - Right click your task bar.

2. - From the pop-up menu select properties.

3. - Make sure the 'start menu' tab is selected. Click the 'customize' button.

4. - Select the 'advanced' tab. Scroll down to find 'network connections'. Tick the bullet for 'display as connect to menu', click ok.

click apply and click ok again.

Go back to your start menu and you should now see the "connect to" icon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

** another way to get to the "New Connection Wizard" is if you use Internet Explorer for your up IE. Click on, tools > internet options, click on the "connection" tab. Click on the "setup" button. This will open up "New Connection Wizard".

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