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What do I need to use an auction template?
What are some good text editors?
What is a zip file?

What do I need to use an auction template?

* An image hosting site - to store the template images. This can be the same place you store your auction item images. You may already have your own website where they can be stored or Photobucket is a very popular image storage host. They have free and paid accounts.

I always recommend hosting your own template images so you have complete control of their location. If your template designer hosts the template images then you must depend upon them to keep the images hosted. If the designers website shuts down then your template images may be gone as well, rendering your template useless.

* Unzip utility - If your Windows OS doesn't open compressed files then winzip is a free download. An alternative is jZip 1.3

* text editor - notepad is a standard text editor that comes with MS Windows. To make editing your template even easier I recommend a text editor that supports syntax highlighting. With syntax highlighting you can find commented direction areas easily.


What are some good text editors?

Two free recommended editors:

Notepad2 - This is a very small download and is a stand-alone application. Just download the zip file. Unzip the file contents to a separate folder and the text editor is ready to use. Simply double-click on the "notepad2" icon to run the editor. It doesn't write anything to your registry and doesn't require an uninstall routine. I chose the Notepad2 3.0.20 Binary Files [258 KB] to download. Here is how to set the syntax colors for the best "comment" display.

HTML-kit - my favorite, this is a free html editor which I have been using for about 7 years. It has a lot of features but what you may be most interested in is the syntax highlighting and a pre-view window to see your work in progress. This free version is not a WYSIWYG editor. Also it doesn't change your code when switching between html view and the preview feature like some editors do.

A zip file is an archive file. Think of it as a container file. Its purpose is to store and compress other files, reducing the storage space needed on your hard drive. Zipped files also shorten download times when downloading from the internet to your PC.

I'll be adding more content. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to answer questions.