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FTP with Filezilla

Using an ftp program will make it an easier and quicker process of uploading files and managing your website.

You will need to have your ftp log-in information to create your ftp connection. This information usually consists of:
  • host - IP Address
  • port - (not always)
  • user name
  • password

  • If you have your own website using cpanel, then your IP address is usually displayed in there somewhere. Unless an ftp account has been set up separately, your username and password should be what you use to log-in to your cpanel. If you still are unsure then contact your hosting company.

    There are numerous ftp programs out there so which ever ftp program you decide to use, get it downloaded and installed. They basically function the same.

    I use Filezilla ftp client so will base my tutorial on this program. Filezilla is an open source program and is free to download. It can be found here.

    After installation, when you first launch Filezilla you will see a window similar to the image below. The lower left pane will contain the drive, folder and file structure of your computer. After you configure your ftp access account in filezilla and are logged-in, then you will see the folders and files in your ftp space/website file structure in the right pane.

    1ftp (14K)

    To create your ftp access account in filezilla, click on "file" and choose "site manager".

    2ftp (11K)

    A new window will open.

    1. - Click on the "new site" button.
    2. - Name your site
    3. - Host: - Add your IP address. If you don't know your IP address, you can try adding your domain name - This will usually work too.

    4. Server Type: - If your server allows secure ftp (sftp), it's safest to connect with a secure connection. Hostgator allows SFTP on any server. On Hostgator hosting, for server type you would choose SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol using port 2222.

    If you're on a dedicated server you may be able to connect with FTPS.
    Otherwise for server type choose ftp - file transfer protocol and leave the port field blank.

    5. Logon Type: - Ask For Password

    6. User: add your cpanel account user name

    7. - click connect and a password box will appear where you will now enter your password

    3ftp (15K)

    enter your password and click ok

    If properly configured, when you click "ok", you will see the log-in process in the top pane and the ftp/website folders and files will display in the right column, similar to the next image.

    If these settings don't work for you check with your hosting company to tell you your appropriate settings.

    4ftp (17K)

    Now you can transfer files back and forth from your pc to your ftp space as easy as drag and drop.

    Files and folders can also be deleted.

    *Just be aware that ftp does not afford a "waste basket" (as cpanel does) with the opportunity to restore mistakenly deleted folders/files. Be alert to what you are doing and double check before deleting anything, because deleting a folder containing files or a single file will permanently erase is.

    If you find you cannot make a connection but the configuration appears to be correct, try setting your transfer mode to passive. It may be that you are connecting via a proxy or are behind a firewall.

    To check for this passive mode setting, click on "edit" and select "settings".

    5ftp (11K)

    In the window that pops up
    1. - In the left column select "ftp".
    2. - In the right column, under the "transfer mode" heading, tick the bullet for "passive".
    3. - Click "ok" and try connecting again.

    6ftp (29K)






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