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FTP with Filezilla part 2

In Part Two We'll cover:

  • How to get the online file to your computer and into your editor of choice.
  • How to get the edited file back online.

There are numerous ways to accomplish any given task. Here I'll show you how I do it.

The first step is setting our default editor. By doing this our file will always open in the editor we have set as default.

1. With filezilla open click on "edit" and choose "settings"

edit_settings (18K)

2. In the left column select "file editing".

In the right column, in the "default editor" field "browse" your computer to locate your preferred editor. If you did the default installation for your editor it'll probably be in your "Program Files" folder. If you are using MS Windows default 'notepad' it should be found in C:WINDOWS folder and named notepad.exe.

Once you have located your editor you'll need to choose that programs executable file.I use chami's html kit so the file I select is named HTMLKit.exe.

Again in the left column, Click OK. Your set to go.

default_editor (45K)

3. Log in to your ftp account. Navigate to the file you want to edit and right click on it. From the drop-down menu choose "view/edit". The file will download to your temp folder and automatically open up in your default editor.

view_edit (52K)

4. Working in your editor make the changes to your file. When your edits are done go to the tools menu and click"file" > "save"

file_save (45K)

5. Switch back to viewing your filezilla window and you will see a "file has changed" alert. Click yes to upload the file back to your server..

(When you are done working with your file you will tick the box that says "finish editing and delete local file" and then click yes to upload your file.)

file_change (33K)

7. Refresh your browser to view your file changes online.

*TIPS to remember.

If you are editing and "saving" more than one file at a time you should expect to see the "file has changed" alert for each file that has been changed and saved. Once the process is in motion, don't interupt it.

If you find filezilla has timed out, on your keyboard press ctrl + r and filezilla will log back on and resume in the folder you were working in.

If you find filezilla times-out too quickly you can go back to "file" > "settings". In the left column select "transfers". In the right column adjust the "timeout" section. Click "ok"

time-out (36K)

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