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Setting up Referrals in Zen Cart

Zen Cart has built-in referral-tracking functionality using coupon codes. Grow your business and track commissions for specific salespeople, crowdsourcing, campaign tracking, fundraising, etc. This tutorial will show the steps for setting up

1. When logged into your Zen Cart shop admin go to configuration > Customer Details

2. Find and click on 'Customer Referral Status' to open the configuration options. Select the 1 option and click the update button.

3. Set up a coupon and give that coupon code to your referral partner.

4. Your referral partner gives the coupon code to prospective buyers who will use the coupon code on your site to make a purchase. The coupon code is stored as the referral source and tied to that customer when they place their order

5. Track the results in your Zen Cart admin by going to Reports > Customers Referral

6. From the dropdown menu choose the coupon code for your referral partner and enter a date range. Click the display button to see how well your referral partner is doing.

If you need assistance setting up your Zen Cart you are welcome to contact me.