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Uploading Files Using Cpanel

I host my sites with Hostgator and base this tutorial using my cpanel.

You can probably follow along if your cpanel is a bit different.

To upload files/images in Cpanel, log into your cpanel and click on either your file manager link or legacy file manager link, which ever you are most comfortable working in.

Navigate to the folder you want to upload your files/images to. In my picture example below, you see in the left column I navigated to the "mypics" folder outlined in red, and in the right column you see the folder says "no records found" as there are no files uploaded in there yet.

If you clicked on "File Manager" you will find the upload link icon in the top menu.

If you clicked on "Legacy File Manager" you will find the "upload files" link up towards the top.

Either way you will be presented with a file upload form. Clicking a browse button will open a pop-up window allowing you to navigate through the files on your computer. Find and select the file you want. Once you select your file the upload will begin automatically or click the upload button.

That's it. Your file/files are now uploaded.