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Uploading Zen Cart Additional Images

Without adding extra zen cart modules, there are several different ways to upload additional zen cart images to your product listings. One way to do this is directly in the product listing form. While it does take a few extra clicks and page changes, it is easy enough to do.

This method does require you to follow zen carts image naming convention. If you are not familiar with naming images for zen cart you can read about it in this tutorial.

When filling in the product information in the zen cart listing form, you'll see the Products image: section.

From the "Upload to directory" drop down menu choose which folder your images are to be uploaded to.

Click the "Browse" button. A popup window will appear showing you the folders and files on your computer. Navigate to the folder where your zen cart product images are located on your computer. You will need to upload your additional images first, one at a time (in no particular order). Select your additional image.

At the bottom or top of your zen cart product listing form, click on the preview button. The image will then be uploaded to the folder you chose and you will see the additional image show in the main image slot on the preview page. Now click the back button. Repeat this process until all of your additional images have been uploaded. The last image to select will be your main product image. (Do not expect to see all the additional images display at the same time on the preview page.)

When all of your product information has been filled in on the listing form and you have chosen your main image last, click the preview button, then click the insert button and you're done. View the listing in your store front. You now have your main product image and all your zen cart additional images uploaded and displaying on your product page. How easy is that!