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Zen Cart - Clean Your Admin Activity Log

Before doing anything that affects your database you should make a database backup either manually in cpanel or by using the handy module backup mysql.
Every so often, in your Zen Cart admin, you will get a warning reminder to clean your admin activity log. This warning comes at the 50,000 records stage or every 60 days which ever comes first.

On the admin home page click the reset button.

Clicking the reset button will take you to the, Review or Export Logs, page.

From the Export File Format: drop down menu choose whether you want an html or csv file.

The field, Export Filename:, is already filled in with a file name for exporting.

Tick the box for Export Filename:.

Below that you will see the destination path where the file will be saved.



Once your log file has been saved click the reset button.

When you have reset the admin activity log you will receive a successful update message. That's it. You're done.