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Image Compression and or Resizing


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Potential customers won't stay on your website for very long if your pages are slow to load in their browsers. Improving your page load time will help your search engine results page as well as making your website more user-friendly. One of the main issues of slow load time is due to the file size of your product images. Usually images that come straight from your camera are too large for internet use. If they're too big dimensionally, your viewers will have to scroll side to side to see your image. If the image file size is too big, kilobyte wise, the image will take too long to load in your viewers browser.

You may already have your images uploaded in your store and you may be too busy with other things to do this task or you may have a bunch of images on your computer that need to be optimized but it feels like a daunting project.

What I will do is download your images to my computer and optimize them using professional grade image editing tools. I will optimize your images keeping a balance between load time and image quality. The benefits of this are twofold. Most importantly, optimizing your images will improve your website load time but it will also reduce the amount of disk space and bandwidth used for hosted accounts that have space and bandwidth limitations on them. The larger an image is the more storage space it uses and the more bandwidth is used when the image is being transmitted from your website to your viewers browser.

I will optimize your images and re-upload them to your website. If the images are on your computer and not yet listed I will optimize them so you can concentrate on what you really want to be doing......listing your items and making money.

If your images are on your computer and you are not sure how to get them to me I will help with that. This service is not just for zen cart users. I provide this service for other carts and for auctions too.

After the initial bulk job is done and you want to learn to optimize your images doing them as they come, there are a number of programs to edit your images. A popular and FREE program is Irfanview. I have a tutorial for preparing images for web use to get you started with irfanview.