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CEON URI Mapping


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This module allows you to easily create SEO friendly URL's for categories, products, manufacturers, EZ-Pages. This is done by going to the appropriate page in admin and either manually adding the URL as you wish it to read or tick the box and let URI mapper auto-generate the url based on the title of the page.



To this:


Additionally, Zen Cart pages such as information pages can have a seo friendly url applied via phpmyadmin. I do this for existing pages as part of my installation service.

**This module does not automatically apply SEO friendly URL's to existing (already created) categories, products, manufacturers, EZ-Pages, etc. These pre-existing pages will continue to use the standard Zen Cart dynamic URI's until a URI has been manually entered or auto-generated for them by you editing the respective categories, products, manufacturers, EZ-Pages in admin. This means going in and editing every category, product, manufacturer, EZ-Page for which a static URI mapping is desired. The module can be turned on while you do this.

This listing is for the service of installing the CEON URI Mapping module.

Zencart modules are freely available from the zen cart website.

In order to install zen cart modules I will need ftp access to your server as well as to your zen cart admin area. If your shop does not have the mysql database backup plugin, then access to creating a database will also be needed. After your purchase I will email requesting login access information.

When my work is finished you can reset your passwords.

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