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Google Merchant Center Feeder Mod Install


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Numinix Product Fields (NPF)
- isbn, upc, ean and condition

Google Feeder Attributes

Automate Your Feed Upload

Get more exposure for your products by getting your items listed in google shopping. This module generates a product feed for your Zen Cart store and with the click of your mouse, upload it to your Google merchant center.

You need to have a google account with merchant center activated.

Some product types require listing in specific google product categories; specifically media and apparel which will require additional fields to be included in your feed.

These links are provided as informative reading to see what may be required for your feed.

Summary of Google Attribute Requirements

More important google merchant center feed info

This service includes configuration of your Google Merchant Center Feeder module and testing to be sure your products are being uploaded to google shopping. If there are warnings in your google merchant center account I will assist you in getting them worked out. In order to test your feed I will need access to your google merchant center account.If any editing of your descriptions is required to fix warnings you will be responsible for that, but I will be available to guide you.

Complimenting options to this module are:

* numinix product fields which will add isbn, upc, ean, condition fields in your zen cart product listing form for you to fill in

* teach you to create and add googles required attributes to your products

* Cron job to automate the google feed upload process

Receive a discounted price when purchasing these services together.

This listing is for the service of installing the Google Merchant Center Feeder module, not for the mod itself. 

Zencart modules are freely available from the zen cart website

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 15th, 2012 Google Shopping now requires you to have Adwords campaigns set up in order for your products to show up in Google Shopping. Adwords campaigns will be strictly your responsibility. If you don't plan to pay for google adwords then your products will not be included in google shopping so you would not need this mod for that purpose.

In order to install zen cart modules I will need ftp access to your server as well as to your zen cart admin area. After your purchase I will email requesting FTP and zen cart admin access information. 

When my work is finished you can reset your passwords.

Choose the option below to have your feed upload automated.


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