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Monthly Sales and Tax Summary Report


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This report displays a summary of monthly or daily totals:
gross income (order totals)
subtotals of all orders in the selected period
nontaxed sales subtotals
taxed sales subtotals
tax collected
shipping/handling charges
low order fees (if present)
gift vouchers (or other addl order total component, if present)

Data is reported as of order purchase date.

If an order status is chosen, the report summarizes orders with that status.

The capability to "drill down" on any month to report the daily summary for that month.

Report rows are initially shown in newest to oldest, top to bottom,
but this order may be inverted by clicking the "Invert" control button.

A popup display that lists the various types (and their
subtotals) comprising the tax values in the report rows.

Columns that summarize nontaxed and taxed order subtotals.
The taxed column summarizes subtotals for orders in which tax was charged.
The nontaxed column is the subtotal for the row less the taxed column value.

A popup help display window on how to use.