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Reward Point Full Suite


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Create purchasing incentives by offering purchase reward points. Zen Cart Reward Point Full Suite displays reward points on product page, shopping cart sidebox (display is optional), reward points sidebox(display is optional), customer account and during checkout.


Global, category or product level setting of reward points earned.
Redeem value can be set globally or by customer groups.
Smart syncing automatically moves points between pending and earned and visa versa.
Sunrise period can be used to automatically award points pending.
The administrator can reward points to individual customers.
Powerful Customer, Product and Group Redeem Admin control panels.
Fully configurable.
Comes with multiple selectable Sideboxes and Order Total add-ons.

This listing is for the service of installing the Reward Point Full Suite mod, not for the module itself.

Zencart modules are freely available from the zen cart website.

In order to install zen cart modules creating a database backup is needed. I will also need ftp access to your server as well as to your zen cart admin area. After your purchase I will email requesting access information.

When my work is finished you can reset your passwords.

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