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SnapShot - Zen Cart System Baseline Compare Utility


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SnapShot does exactly that. It takes a snapshot of your Zen Cart system and creates a file containing your Zen Cart directory names, file names, timestamp, and permissions information. This is then used as a base line when you run SnapShot again at a later date.

SnapShot will not stop hack attempts. Snapshot is a tool that will allow you to scan and find any differences in your Zen Cart system after the fact. This is of course if you created the base reference file before a hack.

SnapShot checks in the following order
- New Files
- Deleted Files
- Size Differences
- Timestamp changes
- Permissions changes

This listing is for the service of installing the Snapshot mod, not for the module itself.

Zencart modules are freely available from the zen cart website.

In order to install zen cart modules I will need ftp access to your server as well as to your zen cart admin area. After your purchase I will email requesting FTP and zen cart admin access information.

When my work is finished you can reset your passwords.